“No, They’re Not Going Away”

If you’re curious about whether face masks will be around for a while or not, check out what we received in an email from the Geisinger Health Network (original email available upon request):

So this link leads you to this page:


Given this notice from Geisinger, we think that masks are going to be commonplace. So why not do it in style?

Your Mask

If you’ve bought a fabric face mask or received one for “free”, here’s what you should know.

That fabric has a story.

It may have been chosen for a quilt that was never made, or perhaps it’s remnants of a homemade Easter dress. It could have been passed from owner to owner or even bought with expressed intent to make a cool mask. Either way, the sewist assessed it’s “mask worthiness” and thought it’d be perfect.

The sewist who made it is tired.

They’ve been sewing for days; they’re tired of the monotony. They’ve pricked their fingers with pins and sliced their knuckles with rotary cutters. Yet they continue to make masks… For you.

It was worth every penny.

Whether you bought it for $5 or $15, you paid fair market value for someone’s materials, time, and talent. If you received it for free, it has already been paid for with the maker’s charity and hope.

The sewist made it to help you, but it’s helping them too.

They’ve decided the best way to work through the situation is to help those who protect all of us.

The maker is being flooded with requests.

People who haven’t spoken to them in years are calling to chat and “ask for a mask”. They’re being offered money to make more than they can handle; sometimes it’s enough, sometimes it’s not. If they’ve got too many to make, they won’t turn you down because they really want to help you.

It will make them smile when they see you wearing it.

They’ll remember the fabric, the batch, they may even tell you it was one of their favorites. They’ll smile knowing that they did the small little thing that’s helping you in such a big way. They’ll smile knowing that in the most difficult of times they have a skill that so many will value.

It should give you hope for a better world.

In a situation where members of our community are struggling, others have risen up, offered their time and talents to provide what they can. It means there’s hope for humanity supporting one another and that people truly do care for one another. 

This was transcribed from an inspirational meme. Author information is below:

Melanie Beth Scott, 2020

Operation Face Mask, Washington County, PA